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Increased Monthly Rewards for Top Referrers
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Global Funeral Care introduced a referral program that allows users to earn GFCS by inviting friends to pre-register for the Beta version of the Global Funeral Care platform a few months ago. It will be the first blockchain-based platform without access barriers worldwide that serves as a decentralized ecosystem for the global death care industry.

Global Funeral Care checks monthly who has the most referrals. It was mentioned earlier that the top 3 referrers would receive an extra bonus on top of other bonuses. We have increased this number by 7. The top 10 referrers receive an extra bonus every month.

Old Reward Specifications Top Referrers

  1. 2,000 GFCS per month
  2. 1,500 GFCS per month
  3. 1,000 GFCS per month

New Reward Specifications Top Referrers

  1. 5,000 GFCS per month
  2. 4,500 GFCS per month
  3. 4,000 GFCS per month
  4. 3,500 GFCS per month
  5. 3,000 GFCS per month
  6. 2,500 GFCS per month
  7. 2,000 GFCS per month
  8. 1,500 GFCS per month
  9. 1,000 GFCS per month
  10. 500 GFCS per month

Earn GFCS by Inviting Your Friends

Strive with us for an affordable funeral for everyone, without compromising on quality. Click here to pre-register, invite your friends, and start earning GFCS.

Do you want to know more information before participating in the Global Funeral Care referral program? Click here to read an article about the program that includes all information you should know.

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About Global Funeral Care
Global Funeral Care is a blockchain-based platform without entry barriers that reduces funeral costs through disintermediation. Customers can select products and services directly from retailers and raise funds through crowdfunding. The platform enables fully customizable funerals and creates economically productive relationships between organizations operating in the 109$ billion death care industry.

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