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Dear community!

We would like to announce that the Global Funeral Care pre-sale starts on December 26. There will be 40,000,000 GFCS available for sale with a 30% bonus, which means that the price of 1 GFCS during the pre-sale will be $0.35. There is no minimum requirement during the pre-sale.

The Global Funeral Care Foundation has conducted research on the funeral industry. The research shows that the funeral industry has significant issues that have not been solved for decades.

A tremendous increase of transparency, and innovation is necessary to reduce prices and significantly improve the quality of service providers that operate in the funeral industry on a global level.

We are the first organization using blockchain technology to support the global funeral industry, by developing a globally sourced decentralized platform without entry barriers that will increase transparency, remove major constraints to innovate, and significantly improves the products and services delivered by organizations within the funeral industry on a global scale.

The Global Funeral Care Platform includes many services that are beneficial for funeral homes, insurance companies and wholesalers that operate in the funeral industry, associations and regulators that support the funeral industry, and individuals who request funeral services.

The aim is to bring all funeral related services together on the platform in order to enable collaboration and knowledge-sharing between the organizations that operate in the funeral industry. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing between these organizations will enable faster and more advanced global innovation, which benefits the organizations and the consumers.

The platform will be capable to collect and share structured data that includes transparency of costs, honest opinions of community members, and personal recommendations to increase consumer satisfaction and to improve the quality of services.

Other services will be:

– A matching system to connect customers with organizations
– A marketplace
– A place to advertise
– An Informational center that provides the latest updates affecting the funeral industry.
– The platform will offer free online courses that focus on teaching funeral homes,
creative, and technological solutions to achieve their goals.
– The Global Funeral Care Foundation will launch a program to find, attract, and recruit top talent to the funeral industry.

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