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Broadcast During Meetup Crypto NL United
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Global Funeral Care is attending the Meetup Crypto NL United in Hilversum today (September 27, 2019). The meet-up is organized by the Crypto NL United Telegram community and is hosted by CryptoTrader. Members of the community are able to meet, hang-out and discuss crypto related topics with each other. The perfect opportunity to get into contact with like-minded people.

Live Broadcast During the Meetup Crypto NL United

The meet-up starts at around 19:30 (CET) with a live broadcast on Crypto Inside‘s YouTube channel. Global Funeral Care is excited to bring the news that we are joining the discussion as a guest. During the broadcast the latest cryptonews, LIVE trades, the Bitcoin crash, and the danger of Quantum computing will be discussed. Other guests of the discussion are: Doopie Cash, Bitcoin Meester, Dusk, and DigiByte.

The broadcast can be viewed live in the video below and begins at around 19:30 (CET/Amsterdam Time). Feel free to participate in the discussion via the live chat.

The broadcast will be held in Dutch, but for our international viewers we will add an transcript of the conversations later. The broadcast will also be available later for viewers that missed the live broadcast.

Meetup Crypto United NL

After the broadcast the meet-up of the Crypto United NL telegram group begins. While enjoying some snacks and drinks the attendees of the meet-up are open to the opportunity to meet crypto friends, new people and potential partners. For Global Funeral Care it is a perfect way to spread our vision and share knowledge about the project.

Do you want to find out more about the project yourself? Take a look at our white paper, economic model and pitchdeck. When you have any questions regadering the meetup, the live broadcast of CryptoInside or the project in general, do not hesitate to contact us. And don’t forget to join our Telegram Community to participate.

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About Global Funeral Care
Global Funeral Care is a blockchain-based platform without entry barriers that reduces funeral costs through disintermediation. Customers can select products and services directly from retailers and raise funds through crowdfunding. The platform enables fully customizable funerals and creates economically productive relationships between organizations operating in the 109$ billion death care industry.

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