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Add GFT to Guarda Wallet (desktop)

Read how to add GFT to the Guarda Wallet.
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Guarda Wallet is a free, open source tool for creating wallets that work with the Ethereum platform.

Guarda Wallet provides three different options to store ERC20 compatible tokens such as GFT. It comes in a web-wallet, desktop, and mobile variant. In this guide, you can read how to safely store GFT on Guarda Wallet for desktops.

Store GFT in Guarda Desktop Wallet

Guarda Desktop Wallet is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Go the Guarda Wallet desktop page and download the wallet that suits you the best. When downloading the wallet of your preference a pop-up opens with the Checksums and the download starts automatically. To ensure that the download is secure it is recommended to write down these checksums.

Step 1: Install Guarda Wallet

Install the Guarda Wallet by excecuting the installation file on the device of your preference.

Step 2: Create or restore a wallet

When you are new to Guarda you will need to create a new wallet. When opening the application, it will prompt you to “Create a new wallet”. Click on this button and fill out a unique password. Write down this password in a secured physical location. This is the access to the wallet.

Guarda Wallet: Create or restore wallet
Create a new wallet on the Guarda Desktop Wallet
Guarda Wallet: fill out secure password
Fill out a unique password and write it down in a secured physical location

In the case, you are already in possession of a Guarda Wallet you can restore it using the backup codes. Click on ‘Import or Restore’ from the main screen and import your existing backup files and fill out your password. It is only possible to restore an existing account when having both these files. 

Guarda Wallet: restore wallet
Restore Guarda Wallet account using backup files and password

Step 3: Store backup files

After securely storing your password the application prompts to safely store the backup files. This step is extremely important because this is the only way to restore your account. Guarda will never store your password or backup files on their servers. Global Funeral Care strongly advises storing both your password and backup files on a highly secured location, preferably a physical one. When storing it digitally we advise to strongly encrypt your credentials, since it gains access to the funds.

Guarda Wallet: read terms and store backup in safe place.
Read terms and store backup files in a secure and safe place.

Step 4: Add GFT as a custom token

After creating the wallet using the Guarda Wallet, add GFT as a custom token. On the left side of the screen, you will find the available token protocols. Search for Ethereum and click on ‘Tokens’. A list containing several tokens opens. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link ‘Add Custom ERC20’.

Guarda Wallet: add custom token
Search Ethereum protocol in the left sidebar
Guarda Wallet: add custom ERC20 token
Add an custom token to the Guarda Wallet using 'Add Custom ERC20'

Add GFT to the Guarda Wallet using the smart contract address: 0x7AEe07966371813BABFbbe902dB9401c06A8d0B1. Click on ‘Add token’ and GFT will be loaded in the Guarda Wallet. The Global Funeral Token (GFT) will be available under the Ethereum tab in the left sidebar.

Guarda Wallet: add smart contract address
Add GFT smart contract address to add token

Step 5: How to receive GFT using Guarda Wallet

After adding the GFT smart contract address to your Guarda Wallet as a custom token, you can receive and send GFT. To receive GFT on your Guarda Wallet you need to go to the ‘Receive’ tab inside the ‘Wallets’ section of the application. Select the ‘Global Funeral Token’ under the field ‘Your Wallet’. If you cannot find the token, you need to add it first (go back to step 4).

When you have selected the Global Funeral Token (GFT) the Guarda Wallet shows your wallet address and QR-code. Use this address to receive GFT on the wallet. You can either share this address with others or use it yourself.

Guarda Wallet: receive GFT
Receive GFT using the Guarda Wallet

Step 6: How to send GFT using Guarda Wallet

It is simple to send GFT to other ERC20 addresses using the Guarda Wallet. Head to the ‘Send’ tab under the ‘Wallet’ section. At first, select the Global Funeral Token (GFT) wallet under the field ‘From’. If you cannot find the token, you need to add it first (go back to step 4).

Secondly, fill out the address where you want to send the tokens to. Next, you need to fill out the amount of GFT that you want to transfer. To do so, you need to have a sufficient number of GFT in your Guarda Wallet. Additionally, you can click on ‘Advanced options’ to determine the transaction speed by choosing the amount of gas you want to use. At last, click on the ‘Next’ button to transfer GFT to another wallet.

Guarda Wallet: send GFT
Send GFT using Guarda Wallet

Step 7: Verify token balance on

After receiving or sending GFT using Guarda Wallet, you can check the token balance on You can do this by filling out your wallet address in the search bar on The wallet address can be found under the Receive tab (step 5).

Use Guarda Wallet on your mobile or in your browser

Guarda Wallet is also available on mobile devices and as a web version. Read our extensive guide on how to use Guarda Wallet (phone). In the case, you want to receive or send GFT using the web version you can read the how-to guide Guarda Wallet (online). When you are having trouble using or accessing on the Guarda Wallets, please contact us.

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