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A mobile friendly platform to (pre-)plan fully customizable funerals.

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Global Funeral Care has extensively researched the problem within the death care industry. This article provides information on the solution, how the platform works for customers, and how the platform works for organizations within the death care industry.

The Problem

Global Funeral Care found three major industry barriers that can be significantly improved.

  • No Complete Customization
    Complete customization of funerals is not possible. Therefore, customers often end up buying goods and services they don’t want.
  • No Transparency
    Service providers in the funeral industry are often not clear about what customers are paying for.
  • High Prices
    The prices of funeral services have risen almost twice as fast as consumer prices for all items for the last 30 years.

The Solution

Customers can completely customize their funeral by selecting products and services from different organizations. The funeral costs will be updated in real time as soon as products and services are selected by the customer, who can save money when they booking a funeral by choosing less products and services on the platform.

The Global Funeral Care Platform

The Global Funeral Care Platform will be available as application and there will be a mobile-friendly web-version.

How It Works for Customers

Customers can pre-plan or book the funeral directly using the platform.

  1. Create an account
  2. Plan a Funeral
    • Book a funeral right now.
    • Plan a funeral in advance.
  3. Product & Services
    • Choose products and services from death care industry organizations that joined the platform.
    • Customers can easily compare products and services by price and by trusted-reviews from the Global Funeral Care community.
  4. Choose a payment method
    • Customers can pay with several fiat currencies and/or GFT. In addition, customers can select prepaid plans, insurance plans, or plans from government agencies, if applicable.

Track Prices in Real Time

Customers can:

  • Track their planned funeral price in real time on their phone, tablet, and smartwatch.
  • Select in which currency the price should be displayed. The customer can select any fiat currency or cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for products and services on the Global Funeral Care platform.
  • Track the total price of their planned funeral in real time as soon as products and services are selected by the customer.
  • Track the price of each product and service separately.

How It Works for Organizations

Organizations that join the Global Funeral Care Platform will get access to an extended dashboard where they can:

  • Select with which product and service providers they want to cooperate.
  • Receive quotations from customers.
  • Convert GFT to fiat currencies and the other way around.

Receive an Incentive for Joining the Platform

Global Funeral Care is working hard on the alpha-version of the platform and will start onboarding customers in the third quarter of 2019. Users who pre-subscribe and refer to friends will be incentivized. More information about onboarding will follow soon. Join our Telegram to receive daily updates on Global Funeral Care. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Global Funeral Care
Global Funeral Care is a blockchain-based platform without entry barriers that reduces funeral costs through disintermediation. Customers can select products and services directly from retailers and raise funds through crowdfunding. The platform enables fully customizable funerals and creates economically productive relationships between organizations operating in the 109$ billion death care industry.

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