Logino Dujardin, Co-Founder and CEO of Safe Haven Is Joining The Global Funeral Care Advisory Board. - Global Funeral Care

Logino Dujardin, Co-Founder and CEO of Safe Haven Is Joining The Global Funeral Care Advisory Board.

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Global Funeral Care, a company that is developing a platform where customers can (pre) plan completely customized funerals, is honored to announce that Logino Dujardin has joined the Global Funeral Care Advisory Board as Executive Advisor.

Global Funeral Care is developing a mobile friendly all in one blockchain-based platform without entry barriers where customers can (pre) plan a completely customized funeral with products and services from different organizations in just a few clicks. Customers can pay with GFCS and track the price of their pre-planned funeral in real time. The platform plays a key role in the advancement of knowledge and technology and helps to create economically productive relationships between organizations operating in the 109$ billion death care industry. Global Funeral Care encourages all organizations operating in the funeral industry to use GFCS with the intention of becoming a globally used payment method for the funeral industry.

Global Funeral Care and Safe Haven announced a strategic partnership on June 7, 2019. Global Funeral Care will be built as a Safe Haven vertical utilizing their flagship product, the Safe Haven Inheritance Platform (SHIP).

Lots of crypto owners are concerned about losing private keys or passphrases, or about what happens after they die. SHIP is the perfect solution to this problem. Safe Haven will allow an ‘initiator’ to manage, protect and distribute their assets with any number of stakeholders, for example family members or children. This can be done by dividing seeds, private keys, passwords, documents or any digital asset in several shares, one for each stakeholder. You as initiator can acquire assistance from validators. The validator (notary, legal person) will distribute your assets to your heirs if needed or by your request. You will be in full control of the assets at all time. Safe Haven does NOT own your keys or crypto. This technology integrated in the Global Funeral Care platform will make it easy for users to safely transfer their crypto to their heirs if something happens.

Logino will provide advise regarding Global Funeral Care on the integration of SHIP. Safe Haven will act as technical and integration support for Global Funeral Care regarding SHIP.

Alex van der Wal said, “We are pleased to have Logino in our Advisory Board, he brings a huge amount of knowledge into our organization. His role is critical to ensure that the integration of the SHIP protocol will go as smoothly as possible.”

Welcome on board, Logino!