Global Funeral Care Announces Partnership with p2pb2b to do an Initial Exchange Offering. - Global Funeral Care

Global Funeral Care Announces Partnership with p2pb2b to do an Initial Exchange Offering.

The GFCS Initial Exchange Offering on p2pb2b Starts on June 29, 2019
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Global Funeral Care partners with p2pb2b to conduct an IEO on the p2pb2b exchange platform. Global Funeral Care will make 15,000,000 GFCS available for purpose of performing the IEO on the p2pb2b exchange platform starting on June 29, 2019. The IEO will last till August 29, 2019 or till when all GFCS are sold out. Anyone who wants to participate in the IEO must create an account on the p2pb2b exchange platform and deposit funds to buy GFCS. More information regarding the IEO will be shared on the Global Funeral Care and p2pb2b website.

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO’s) offer the next level of project credibility for those involved in the blockchain community and are becoming a popular way for projects to attract investments. IEO’s have been gaining more attention and popularity lately. While digital exchanges were only a platform to trade and store cryptocurrencies. IEO’s have introduced a new, value-added business model. This model allows exchanges to support projects with the token launch process and enables projects to fundraise on the exchange platform.

Initial Exchange Offering Details:

  • The IEO starts on June 29, 2019 and ends on August 29, 2019.
  • Only 15,000,000 GFCS will be made available on p2pb2b.
  • The price of 1 GFCS will be 0.40 USD (20% discount included).
  • GFCS will be tradable on several exchanges after completion of the IEO.

About Global Funeral Care
Global Funeral Care is a blockchain-based platform without entry barriers that reduces funeral costs through disintermediation. Customers can select products and services directly from retailers and raise funds through crowdfunding. The platform enables fully customizable funerals and creates economically productive relationships between organizations operating in the 109$ billion death care industry.

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